Chemistry Projects That Are Bound To Surprise Your Kids

Chemistry projects have always found a way to surprise us and keep us excited till the very end. As a result, passing the same to our kids is bound to make a difference, and one needs to capitalize on the same. For that purpose, we are here with a few good projects that will leave your kids surprised and excited for a long period of time. So go ahead and read about these projects that tend to paint a perfect picture.

Color Mixing

Color Mixing

Color mixing is a highly influential project that one needs to explore. All you need for the process are three plastic cups that are filled with blue, yellow, and red food coloring each. To make things work, you also need an additional cup of full uncolored water. Once these ingredients are ready, you need to call the little scientist and tell them to create different colors by mixing ratios of two primary colors each. Since the secondary colors are new colors created from primary colors, the simple solution works well for how chemical reactions work.

Creating a Volcano With Baking Soda & Vinegar

While the name suggests the two most essential materials required for the test, you need a few others that bring in the perfect mix. To help you get started, you need an empty plastic bottle, newspaper, a box, masking tape, waterproof varnish, paints, plain flour, and water. Once these materials are ready, you need to start by cutting down the cardboard box to create a base that is going to hold the volcano with the bottle being in the middle. After that, you need to scrunch some newspaper and put it around the bottle.

Baking Soda

By using the masking tape, you need to make a frame from top to bottom. You should continue by applying paper mache layers around the volcano. Adding a particular coat of paint to make it look like a volcano will do the trick, and you also need to add a coat of waterproof varnish. Towards the end, you need to create a funnel and add 2-3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and also pour in half a glass of warm water mixed with red food dye. And finally, you need to add some vinegar.



For this project, you will require a coffee filter and start by folding it in half until you get a triangular shape. Color the top of the filter with a washable black marker and get a coat of ink. Add a small amount of water, place the black tip of the coffee filter in the cup. Now you need to give it some time and come back after an hour or so. With the coffee filter absorbing water, the black ink moves through the filler and gets separated by water into other colors. As a result, that is how black separates into different colors.

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