Exploring The Rise Of Virtual Chemistry Conferences

The times of a pandemic are not the ones where we can socialize, mingle with each other and learn about things in a normal manner. Due to that, one can notably see a rise in virtual conferences, and to be specific, it is more or less like a rise in chemistry conferences. Yes, that’s right. As a matter of importance, virtual chemistry conferences are all around the corner, and learning more about it will eventually help you get hold of the right base of knowledge.

Beginning the Show

While everyone was sceptical in the beginning, things began to change for the better after a point in time. People realized that there was no point in cancelling or postponing conferences as experts never really fixed an end date for the pandemic. Due to that, virtual conferences came into the picture, and everyone went ahead to explore all that it had to offer. One prime example of the same is the Women in Graphene’s Virtway Events’ 3D conferencing platform.

Beginning the Show

Since it was during a pandemic, the organizers decided to go virtual by also including a real-life feel that kept things engaging for the people who attended the same. As a result, participants made an avatar and went ahead to make the most of the new virtual experience.

A New Wave of Innovation

While virtual conferences did exist before the pandemic, it was never really thought about from such a wide perspective. As these times pushed us into the four walls of our home, we had to come up with something by using the power of innovation. Thanks to that, virtual conferences with various kinds of settings and other upgrades came into the scene and made things head in the right direction. Due to that, one can rightfully say that a new wave of innovation has also entered the picture.

virtual conferences

To make matters all the more impressive, one can also go ahead and look at poster sessions that tend to take place across social media platforms like Twitter. An example of the same is the RSC Twitter poster conference that began in 2015. Since the model was a perfect one, you can view the same for the 2020 event that took place on 3rf March. Around 795 participants were a part of the process, and 59 countries presented their posters.


As science and technology have provided us the power to think and rise, we need to use the same and move according to the times. If the rise in virtual chemistry conferences is a good sign of the same, we need to continue focusing our efforts in the right direction and ensuring that everything keeps happening for the better.

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